Why us

1Better control, lower risk, customer safety

You get a working prototype every week! You see the progress, tests and can make amendments instantly. We’re available online daily so you can contact us via Skype, email or phone whenever you like.

2Less overall hassle

We can host your application on our infrastructure or we can advise and set up your whole server and roll out the application. You stay focused on your business, we make the software appear online and ready to use.

3No hidden costs

Our hourly rate doesn't change. Open source guards you against additional license fees.

4Cheaper maintenance & future development

Open standards, automated tests, QA procedures make our software maintainable and allow requirements to change in the future.

5Better & faster problem solving

Each week you can test the prototype we deliver and report bugs, enhancements or other issues to be included in the next phase.

6Avoid vendor lock-in

Open standards protect you against vendor lock-in.