What type of software can we make for you?

Custom web applications

Do you have great ideas but no development team to implement them? Do existing products not suit you? Or maybe you have tried programming yourself but you are not an expert in web technologies, application performance and security? Together we can create a unique, tailored application which will meet all your requirements!

Examples :


Move your business to the web! Selling services (SaaS) or goods on the Internet is increasingly common nowadays. With these online solutions you can reach a much larger share of potential customers with relatively low costs.

Examples :

Social applications

Integrate your services with social networks! This creates the possibility of achieving a high quantity of users in a very short time. With such applications, your services will become popular and by the by you can count on more revenue.

Examples :

Content Management Systems

Do you need to manage the content of your website without a team of skilled IT professionals? This is what a CMS was created for. With this solution you can easily add, modify and delete the content of your websites using a graphic interface. The easiness and transparency of the management panel allow you to entrust changing your website to your marketing department. Information will appear on the website faster and your customers will be more satisfied.

Examples :

Web sites

Promote your business on the web! Create an innovative company website and advertise worldwide. Leverage the latest technologies such as Responsive Web Design or Bootstrap to attract potential customers.

Web Services

Connect your applications by Web Service! Share your data as a service or get your data from a service. The ability to share data from one system to another gives web services invaluable capabilities. Proper usage of web services makes your application more responsive. Thanks to that, complex calculations can be performed in different systems.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Manage your resources! Optimize the costs of running your company and have better control over business processes. Manage all of your business units (offices, warehouses etc.) using a single central system. All of that at a reasonable low price!

Examples :

Web components (JSF)

Are you using Java Server Faces and looking for something new and useful? Nothing is easier! Look what IT Crowd's RichFaces components can offer you. They can provide fresh, exciting capabilities to almost any application. Explore our portfolio to find more information about them.

Examples :