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Brickwork GmbH Switzerland


We have been working with IT Crowd since 2011 in various projects. IT Crowd is a team of passionate developers and offers four things to us that were key to the success of our projects:

  • Sound knowledge of technology and experience with the infrastructure and components used in the projects
  • A professional way to design, deploy and test software systems
  • Knowledge and experience of how to design robust, state-of-the-art software architecture
  • Great team play and communication skills

We recommend IT Crowd as an implementation partner without any reservations.

Yours sincerely,
Marcel Camporelli, Managing Partner

Bravocharlie Technology Ltd. United Kingdom

Ben Catherall

Bravocharlie Technology Ltd has been working with IT Crowd Ltd since 2010. During that time, IT Crowd have been both supported existing systems and developing solutions for new projects.

Thanks to the involvement and competence of IT Crowd, we have successfully delivered numerous projects in the following industry sectors:

  • e-commerce and price comparison in the building industry
  • insurance in the motor industry
  • production management in the manufacturing and textiles industries

Throughout the relationship with IT Crowd, I have been impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, technology knowledge and their architectural decisions.

I would recommend IT Crowd as a trusted business partner.

Ben Catherall, Director

Sohail Sajid Netherlands

Sohail Sajid

We have been working with IT Crowd LLC since June 2013 with few on going projects. It has been very helpful.

We were looking to develop chat application for VOP, which allow users to add credits via PayPal and get services from Psychics online. Our intentions were to just get the chat application done by IT Crowd and keep working with the current company. But we end up giving the complete project of VOP + all the other projects we had.

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience working with IT Crowd. The quality of their work continually impresses us from day to day. We have had some incredibly difficult assignments and IT Crowd has been able to handle each and every one with great detail and professionalism. There was a time recently when we had a vast amount of projects fall on us all at once, we knew there was no way we would be able to finish them all without help. We turned to IT Crowd and they picked up the slack and got us through one of our busiest periods as a company. When we have questions, even challenging ones, they are usually answered right away via Skype. We had many options to choose from when selecting a software development company and we decided on a company over 1130 km away because they proved to be the best. We are very happy with our decision to work with IT Crowd

Sohail Sajid, Founder of etrendy.com / VoiceOfPsychic.com

Telematic.cl Chile

Cristian Edwards

To Whom It May Concern:

We’re a starting IT in Chile supporting diverse software solutions. IT Crowd has been a strong back end to rely on. Bernard and his team are heavily skilled in Java EE, which is a subject only few people are really expert.

Thanks Bernard for helping build our company,

Cristian Edwards, Founder of Telematic.cl

They have written about us

I'd also like to call out , Bernard Labno, Christian Kaltepoth, and Luca Nardelli for the bugs they fixed and submitted as github pull requests. RichFaces is a very much a community project, and it's in part contributions like these that keep the project healthy and moving forward. Thanks guys and keep those pull requests coming!
Thanks to the following list of contributors: Aslak Knutsen, Bernard Labno (...)
Arquillian Project Team / Arquillian Core 1.0.1.Final Released