We contribute to the community

We use lots of open-source tools and we love to give back to the community. We actively contribute to various projects. Here we share a few of our favorites.

JSF Components

Set of sandbox components for RichFaces

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IT Crowd Utils

Various utilities we found very useful in our daily development.
  • Persistent settings for CDI
  • Custom dependency resolver for ShrinkWrap
  • Various JSF helpers
  • Arquillian+Unitils bridge

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Seam3 mailman

Async mail delivery via JMS for Seam3

Sending email from user thread slows down responsiveness. This add-on to seam3-mail module serializes email to XML, puts it to JMS queue and asynchronously sends it to mail server.

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Seam3 persistence ...

Port of Seam2 persistence framework (EnityHome, EntityQuery) for Seam3.

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Pom sorter

Have mess in your Maven configuration file? This InteliJ Idea plugin will keep it clean.

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ReVu on YouTrack

Extension for reVu plugin allowing to store issues on YouTrack.



Port of showdown.js for java.

Very useful if you need to convert Markdown content both on front and backend.


Mock contexts

Starts mock contexts for your Arquillian tests.

Supports ConversationContext, ViewScopedContext and also FacesContext


Arquillian jRebel

Faster Arquillian test development.

Speed up Arquillian test development with the help of JRebel. Deploy once, refactor and run multiple times.


Arquillian Rest

Easier REST testing.

Inject REST artifacts to your tests.