About Us

IT Crowd is a rapidly growing development company established in 2010 with areas of expertise such as design and development of e-commerce projects, implementation of complex web applications and custom web solutions.

ITC prides itself on being an organization dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technology to its clients. Our team consists of talented professionals including project managers, analysts, developers and designers.

Our work focuses on cutting edge technologies including Java EE, Seam, CDI, Angular.js, EJB, REST, JSF (with RichFaces and PrimeFaces), WebServices, JMS, JBoss AS, Hibernate, JPA, PostreSQL and Maven. We strongly believe that there is no quality without testing. Because of that we put special emphasis on automated tests for which we use Arquillian, JSFUnit, HtmlUnit, Warp, Graphene or Selenium.

Our philosophy can be outlined in following sentence: 'A lean group of talented experts will outperform a larger group of mediocre workers'. We love our work, aim at mastery and proficiency and do the right things well. We love challenging projects and enjoy giving satisfaction to our clients. We have earned the trust of customers from the United States, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, Chile and Israel. We are always looking for long term cooperation and consider our clients to be a part of our team.

Meet the Team

  • Krzysztof Miksa Krzysztof Miksa

    Krzysztof is the chairman and a co-founder of IT Crowd. He is an expert in server administration and a highly skilled software developer. He’s always willing to introduce cutting edge technologies into our projects. He’s also a strong Gentoo advocate and a closet fan of functional programming and steak.

  • Bernard Labno Bernard Labno

    Co-founder, principal business analyst and troubleshooter at ITC, Bernard is involved in various open source projects, especially Arquillian and RichFaces. His years of experience with complex financial and insurance software have given him the ability to spot the tiniest security breach in applications. No bug and no indolent developer can hide from the watchful eye of Bernard!

  • Tomasz Zabkowicz Tomasz Zabkowicz

    Tomasz is a co-founder and project manager at IT Crowd. He’s the only person in the company who hasn’t given up Windows for Linux. Despite that he is a huge fan of open source and a passionate web application developer. Tomasz can keep a cool head when everyone is overwhelmed by euphoria or under pressure. This may be the effect of having studied Philosophy (besides IT of course).

  • Lukasz Gladek Lukasz Gladek

    Lukasz specializes in Java EE and JBoss Seam. He started his work at ITC as an intern but quickly proved his value and became a regular employee. He's a one-man orchestra, able to work simultaneously on several projects. Lukasz is an eager beaver who won't rest until his code is neat and well tested.

  • Piotr Kozlowski Piotr Kozlowski

    Piotr is a devoted chess player and passionate mobile application developer. He loves programming for its beautiful consistency and always strives to make his code as neat and transparent as possible.


We have been working with IT Crowd since 2011 in various projects. IT Crowd is a team of passionate developers and offers four things to us that were key to the success of our projects: sound knowledge of technology, experience with the infrastructure, a professional way to design software systems and great team play.
Marcel Camporelli
Brickwork GmbH

Bravocharlie Technology Ltd has been working with IT Crowd Ltd since 2010. Throughout the relationship with IT Crowd, I have been impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, technology knowledge and their architectural decisions.
Ben Catherall
Bravocharlie Technology Ltd
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